Donate women’s Clothing to And We Evolve

And We Evolve gladly accepts donations of women’s clothing in like-new or gently-used condition.

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If you would like to donate clothing, fill out this form, and we will mail you a "Closet Clean Out kit" with a large tear-proof shipping bag affixed with a prepaid USPS shipping label. 

50% of our inventory comes from our team searching for treasure at vintage stores, tag sales, and flea markets; the other 50% of our collection comes from donations from women across the US.

You may be wondering, Why donate to And We Evolve when I customarily donate my clothes to a charity thrift store?  

Here are a few reasons why women donate clothes to And We Evolve:

1. When we receive donations, we do everything we can to make sure that the clothes find their next home. We wash, spot treat, steam, and even re-fasten buttons; the clothes basically have a spa day so they are fresh and beautiful for their next owner. 

(This is in contrast to the most well-known charity thrift stores, such as Goodwill, where less than 20% of donated clothes are sold on retail floors. The rest are cut into rags and sold to commercial cleaning companies or sold to for-profit textile recycling companies, which grind fabric into things like insultation and carpet padding.  This Atlantic Monthly article shares the surprising details).

2. We make it really easy. We send you a sturdy mailing bag with a prepaid shipping label.  If you live in Philadelphia, we can pick up donations curbside!

3. Most women don't want to devote a Saturday afternoon to picking through the racks at thrift stores. Our goal at And We Evolve is to make secondhand fashion upscale and accessible, particularly to women who are interested in secondhand for its environmental benefits.  

Fashion production is the second most polluting industry (second only to oil). Getting more wear out of the clothes that already exist is an excellent solution.  Although we are not a non-profit, we're on a mission.

4. Although, we're sort of a non-profit: we're not yet profitable. We're a group of women in the Philadelphia area who had an idea, brainstormed and did some research, and decided to go for it. We're still in the "Let's see if this works" phase. It's thrilling to take an idea for something you've always wanted to do... and go for it.  We would love your support... in the form of clothes you don't wear anymore.

5. This is a way to support women entrepreneurs in a shockingly male-dominated space. (ThredUp, Poshmark, and Depop, the leaders in the secondhand fashion ecommerce space, were all founded by men.)

If you would like to donate clothes to And We Evolve, please complete the form above or email We will send you a tear-proof bag with a prepaid USPS shipping label and our tremendous thanks!

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