Best Practices for Shopping #Revolved 2

Figure out what you like.

Figure out what you like


When you start shopping revolved, the world is your oyster.  One of the most appealing aspects of shopping #revolved is that your wardrobe becomes bejeweled with unique, occasionally one-of-a-kind pieces.

One of the challenges of picking through thrift stores and shopping secondhand is sifting through the truly weird stuff to find things you like.  But, if you know what you're looking for, you can browse for what appeals to you and skim past styles you wouldn't normally wear.

One way to do this is to come up with outfit templates that you like wearing, that you feel flatter you. Figure out what silhouettes and which pairings you like best, and look specifically for those, when you're shopping online or in person. Here are a few examples:

Blousy top + skinny jeans

Form-fitting top + high-waisted A-line skirt

Simple top + bold maxiskirt

Turtleneck + eye-catching pants in a unique cut or pattern

Vintage tee shirt + mini skirt

Cardigan + sheath dress

Moto jacket + midi skirt

Chambray top + patterned skirt

With these templates in mind, when you start shopping #revolved, you circumvent decision fatigue and rein in what you're looking for.  You may start browsing and find a floral maxiskirt that you find completely off-putting. But, if started your search knowing that the template you're working with today is "Button-down top + high-waisted jeans," the garish skirt doesn't phase you because it's not on your radar. You're looking specifically for what's going to be likely to appeal to you.

If you've been fairly brand loyal for the entire time that you've had your own money to buy clothes, you've been shopping from very edited collections. If you regularly refresh your wardrobe at H&M or LOFT or Nordstrom, it's likely that most of what you would browse would be adjacent to your style. It was these companies' jobs to produce pieces consistent with their brand, to please their customers.

If shopping at the mall is like eating at the food court, shopping #revolved is like exploring the spices at an open air market: there are so many colors and textures and combinations to explore. To increase your odds of success and avoid overwhelm, go in with an idea of what you're looking for. You're most likely to find things you like when you have helpful parameters (i.e. "I'm looking for a chambray shirt" or "I'm looking for garlic"). It's easier to find what you like when you're able to articulate: "I most enjoy X; I'm looking for x."