To Have Clothes You Love, Less is More

We have been doing a lot of shopping. The average American buys approximately 52 new pieces of clothing a year. The average American woman wears 20% of what’s in her closet

Despite the amount of shopping, we’re doing, most of us lack a connection with our clothes. We’re excited when we find a great sale, but we grow bored of our clothes pretty quickly. By contrast, it feels good when we have meaningful relationships with our possessions. Consider how seriously we take the care and keeping of our phones! (We protect them with beautiful cases, we keep them away from water, and we take massive action when they are malfunctioning or low on charge)

We would enjoy having such a relationship with our clothes. And we can do so by adjusting our shopping habits, buying only things we really love and taking really good care of them once they’re home in our closets. We build our wardrobes slowly, over time, and home in on a collection that reflects what we’ll realistically wear and what we like to wear. We’ll feel better dressed than ever before.

  Lilly Pulitzer green and gold dress , available from And We Evolve's Spring Collection

Lilly Pulitzer green and gold dress, available from And We Evolve's Spring Collection

Secondhand clothing isn’t just for needy people. Shopping #revolved is a great way to build a collection of like-new, high-quality clothes from an array of designers. Shopping #revolved gives your wardrobe a uniqueness and individual flavor that simply can’t be purchased at the mall. If you want to incorporate trends into your wardrobe, shopping #revolved empowers you to buy the original iteration of that trend (vintage!). If you want to wear more designer clothes, #revolved makes that possible. #Revolved allows all women that sense of expansiveness, to dress the way they want to feel, regardless of their price point.

Pssst! It gets even better. And We Evolve does the work for you. Enjoy #revolved clothes that have been cleaned, steamed, and curated in a collection of beautiful, like-new clothing.

The next time you’re headed out and a piece of your wardrobe is #revolved, tag us on Instagram (@andweevolveco) for a chance to be featured in our feed!

    *Only 18% of clothing donated to charity thrift stores is actually sold to thrift shoppers. Most donated clothes are cut into rags and sold to cleaning companies, are sold in enormous blocks to for-profit companies who then re-sell the clothes in third world countries, or end up in landfills.