Do One Thing a Day that Scares the Crap Out of You.

...And your life will change drastically, and fast.

This was one of the many nuggets of wisdom that Jen Sincero freely dispensed on Thursday, 4/26 at the Philadelphia Free Library.  Jen Sincero is the author of the books, You are a Badass and You are a Badass at Making Money, self-help books with a humorous, relatable edge. Sincero's work has developed a cult following, especially among those who took Sincero's writing as a call to quit their job/ start the project/ launch the business/ do whatever it takes to create a better life.  She spoke to a sold-out crowd in Philadelphia.

We started chatting in the And We Evolve Facebook group about this item that apparently stuck with a lot of people who were in the audience that night: "Do one thing a day that scares the crap out of you, and your life will change drastically, and fast."  Enough people in our Facebook group decided they would make this their mission, that we decided to make it a formal challenge for the month of May.

Here's the thing: courage is a muscle.  Every time we approach a concept that scares the crap out of us, and we do it anyway, we build muscle. The thing we just did is no longer quite so scary. If we do this enough times, in time, other things seem less scary. Before you know it, you'll be approaching George Clooney at baggage claim at LAX to ask if he'll be your company's spokesman.

In all seriousness, Jen Sincero's call to action -- "Do one thing every day that scares the crap out of you" -- is pretty brilliant. If your goal is to change your life, it's almost easier to do things way outside your comfort zone, if you know you have to do it every day for "x" time period. Instead of periodically coming up with outside-the-box ideas and mustering up your courage to make them happen, being plucky becomes a lifestyle.

With that, if you want to make May your month, join us in the And We Evolve Facebook group.  We'll have a weekly Monday check-in to see what brave tasks our community members have taken on... and we'll learn about the rewards they're reaping in light of their courage.