Introducing the AWE Box

And We Evolve recently introduced our very own line of fashion subscription boxes: the AWE Box.  

It's so easy... and super curated.  New subscribers fill out a survey where they share what kind of items they need in their wardrobe, what they like to wear, what their sizes are, and any information that the styling team at And We Evolve should know. We encourage new subscribers to share their Instagram handle, so we can sense to a greater extent what would be a perfect addition to the subscriber's wardrobe. We select four-five items that are delivered to subscribers' doors.  It's only $20 to sign up for a monthly box.  If everything in the box is a perfect match, it's $80 to keep the whole box (so $100 total).  There are some serious savings to be had here: we aim to include four to five items with total tag prices between $130 and $150.

If subscribers want to keep a few things and return a few things, that's fine!  We include a prepaid USPS mailer for return items: subscribers can just pop the envelope in the mail or in any USPS blue mailbox.  Subscribers pay the tag price on any items they keep.

We launched the AWE box for a few reasons:

1. Subscription boxes are fantastic. It's like getting a present once a month! However, most of the clothing subscription boxes are prohibitively expensive, with prices between $40 and $100 per item. (Um, our entire box is $100)

2. More and more stylish young women are interested in wearing secondhand apparel. But going to thrift shops or consignment shops is somewhere between an athletic sport and an art form... and it's certainly time-consuming.  Signing up for the AWE Box takes two minutes.

3. Subscribers have the opportunity to enjoy outfits and items that are hand-selected just for them, by a team of fashion marketing gurus who

4. We wanted an opportunity to share our love of carefully folding clothes with the world.

5. We wanted to share upscale, secondhand fashion in like-new condition with a broader audience and empower women to try new, unique clothes and have the added benefit of being able to return whatever doesn't work.

Are you curious to incorporate unique, like-new secondhand pieces in your wardrobe? Sign up for an AWE Box.