How to Organize Your Closet

Organize my closet.png

Here's something you already know: you have a ton of clothes. Chunking out some time to organize your closet is game-changing. Organizing your closet will give you a new appreciation for your clothes. You'll be able to see your wardrobe as a composite: a collection that you've curated and acquired over time. You'll also be able to see your clothes. You'll be able to get dressed more quickly because the things you reach for are right there.

When we see celebrity closets featured in magazines or we step inside reality stars' walk-in closets, their wardrobes evoke a sense of wonder. The shoe collections!  All their beautiful clothes, hung up so nicely, organized by color.

While it's true that celebrities own very expensive clothes--and lots of them--what we're ogling at isn't necessarily the volume of their closets or the cache of their clothes.  What's awe-inspiring is how the clothes are organized, and how lovingly their collections are arranged.

You have the same potential to create a visually beautiful, thoughtfully organized wardrobe. Here's how to organize your closet:

1. Take the clothes out of your laundry basket of clean clothes, and hang them up on hangers. (Don't be ashamed-- a stunning number of people have this habit of leaving their clean clothes in their laundry baskets, and choosing their clothes from that basket each day)

2. Buy matching hangers. Raise your vibration by returning the "We <3 Our Customers" hangers to the cleaners (most dry cleaners welcome their hangers back and may even provide a discount for recycling hangers). Buy a few sets of nice, matching hangers. At the And We Evolve showroom, we like these Zober no-slip hangers.

3. Create categories for your clothes: dresses, skirts, pants, tops, blazers and jackets, etc. If you have the space, use one half of your closet for categories of items that you don't wear as often, such as evening dresses or ski parkas or rain coats. Organizing when your closet is small is no different. Put the categories of items that you use less often against the walls of your closet; if you don't need to reach for it often, use the space that's harder to reach to store them.

4. Back to the clothes that you actively wear. Arrange the clothes in each category from light to dark; the dark clothes mark the end of the category, and the light clothes up next mark the start a new category.

5. Then, you beautify your work. Within each category, arrange your hangers so your clothes are all facing in the same direction. If you have button-down tops, button at least the top bottom, if not all of the buttons, so the top stays on the hanger and keeps its shape. 

When your closet is organized, you probably won't feel like you have nothing to wear, because you can see everything you own in front of you. Ideally, you'll feel more excited about getting dressed, because all of your clothes are organized nicely, and you can see all that you have to choose from as you assemble outfits.

Liz Funk