Frequently Asked Questions


this is cool. what exactly is and we evolve?

And We Evolve is a subscription box service for secondhand clothing in like-new condition. What if instead of buying more, we took care of what we already owned, borrowed or rented what we wanted to try, and bought only what we loved? These are the founding questions behind And We Evolve.

And We Evolve is co-founded by Liz Funk and Alisha Ebling. Before co-founding And We Evolve, Liz was a marketing strategist for early stage startup companies, and wrote about entrepreneurship and women in business for publications like Fast Company, the Economist, and Creator, the online magazine about entrepreneurship published by WeWork. Alisha is a writer and photographer with a background in nonprofit fundraising. She is active in Philadelphia's environmental advocacy community. Liz and Alisha met at a Girl Develop It class in Philadelphia and learned that they both wanted to launch secondhand clothing companies. 

How does a secondhand clothing subscription box have an environmental impact?

Each year, individuals in the U.S. dispose of 15 millions tons of clothes. Often, when we donate clothes to "charity," they end up becoming "textile waste." Goodwill is only able to sell 12% of the clothes on its store floors.  When women donate clothes to And We Evolve, they know that their clothes will have meaningful lives in another woman's wardrobe.  And when you sign up for a subscription box from And We Evolve, you vote with your dollars and keep money out of the fast fashion industry.

I hear people using the term "fast fashion," but i don't really understand what that means.

That's fair!  The term "fast fashion" refers to a common form of rapidly producing and selling clothes to constantly spark new trends; exhibit A, the weeklyish turnover of styles in H&M and Forever 21. Fast fashion is produced inexpensively and sold inexpensively, with costs being transferred in other ways; fast fashion is usually produced in third world countries and puts great strain on the environment. If you're in the mood for a great read, consider Elizabeth Cline's book Overdressed: the Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. If you can handle a heaaaaaaavy documentary, The True Cost (on Netflix!) interviews the factory workers in Bangladesh where a substantial portion of American clothes are made.

We started And We Evolve because we’re wildly passionate about secondhand clothing and the environmental benefits of women adopting sustainable fashion. We want to create more reverence for clothes as the building blocks that make up each and every person’s individual style. We want to outgrow the throwaway culture around clothes by improving upon the subscription box model, which means moving away from the idea of a try-on service. We want people to love their clothes, to care for them, and to share them with others. We also want to be more intentional about reducing our environmental impact by removing the carbon footprint that comes with the process of returning clothes. Our co-founder Liz wrote a piece that explains this change further, and we invite you to check it out here.

This is different from other subscription box models. Why can’t I return clothes?

What’s the awe style club?

The AWE Style Club allows subscribers to connect via a members-only newsletter and a members-only Slack channel. Members can connect, swap clothes, and share conversation on sustainability, fashion, and more. We are creating community around sustainable fashion, disrupting the idea that great style comes only from factory-new clothes. Once you have signed up for an annual or quarterly subscription, you will be invited to the Slack group by someone from And We Evolve, where you can begin swapping!

Here’s the deal on swapping: it’s pretty cool.

Swapping is an important part of creating a sustainable fashion eco-system. AWE facilitates a culture of swapping within its newsletter subscription base and more exclusively within the Slack Channel for the AWE Style Club (note: monthly swaps to begin November 2018)

Newsletter swapping: In the AWE weekly newsletter, we will include in the footer the following language: “Got an item to swap? Email and give us all the details: the item, brand, color, and size.” Participants can email us anything they’d like to swap, and we would list it as a type of “Classifieds” in the same block. For example: “J. Crew skinny jeans, dark wash, size 28. If interested, email” In order to encourage a better fashion culture, this will be open to our entire newsletter list, and swappable items do not have to be from And We Evolve.

AWE Private Style Club Slack channel swapping: once per month, AWE will host a Slack Channel swap-a-thon for our members. Members can post photos of things they’d like to swap and can interact with each other to coordinate mailing. We will remind members of this via a newsletter that will go out just to them the week of the swap with all necessary information for them to sign on. The AWE Team will also give away items of clothes and other gift items from partners.