what is And We Evolve?

And We Evolve is a style club and fashion subscription service for secondhand clothing in like-new condition. And We Evolve was born out of a passion for secondhand clothes. We help women build wardrobes they love that reflect their unique style.

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and we evolve does two things:

1) We offer a monthly subscription box service, delivering stylist-curated outfits made entirely from like-new secondhand clothing and highly-styled vintage pieces.

2) We facilitate a vibrant community of women who are socially conscious, career-oriented, body positive, and supportive of other women, via our weekly(ish) newsletter.


the new subscription model

We offer two models for clothing subscriptions. One is $99/month; one is $99 every three months. Learn more about the plans and choose the one that’s the best fit for your lifestyle. It's our intention to maintain a customer base to whom we can provide true concierge-like service, getting to know your style and preferences closely in order to provide pieces you will love.

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And We Evolve is owned and operated by a small but mighty girl gang of women who are passionate about style, environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, and delivering highly useful/ helpful products and services.

And We Evolve is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, in a quirky loft space in a rehabilitated warehouse building. Do you long for the days when [insert city/ borough/ neighborhood] was affordable and had big, open spaces for artists and entrepreneurs to spread out? Come to Philadelphia!

You can learn more about Philadelphia’s vibrant community of entrepreneurs and growing companies at Philadelphia Startup Leaders. Philadelphia is also emerging as a sustainable fashion hub. Learn more about our friends at Wearwell, Alice Alexander, Lobo Mau, and Heyne Bogut.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a line at