what is And We Evolve?

And We Evolve is a style club and recommerce fashion subscription box service for secondhand clothing in like-new condition. And We Evolve was born out of a passionate for secondhand clothes. We love the rush of piecing together to create something uniquely personalized to our own style. We also love the environmental benefits of reusing clothes, of which there exists an abundance in the world. We help women build wardrobes they love that reflect their unique style.


and we evolve does two things:

1) We offer a monthly subscription box service, delivering stylist-curated outfits made entirely from like-new secondhand clothing and highly-styled vintage pieces.

2) We facilitate a vibrant community of women who are socially conscious, career-oriented, body positive, and supportive of other women, via our Facebook group and our weekly(ish) newsletter.


the new subscription model

We do things a little differently here. We made the decision to pivot from the standard “try-on” service subscription model that most are used to. We want to outgrow the disposable culture around clothes. Instead, we want to create fashion-conscious women who try something new. It is our hope that this change can help foment a more sustainable business while disrupting the current throwaway culture that comes along with the standard subscription service. It's our intention to maintain a customer base to whom we can provide true concierge-like service, getting to know your style and preferences closely in order to provide pieces you will love.


And We Evolve was co-founded by liz funk and alisha ebling

About Liz: Liz is CEO of And We Evolve. Prior to starting And We Evolve, she was a marketing strategist for early-stage startup companies, and wrote about entrepreneurship and women in business for Fast Company, the Economist, and Business Insider. Her favorite brand is Boden.

About Alisha: Alisha is COO and Creative Director of And We Evolve. She is a writer and photographer with a background in nonprofit fundraising. She is passionate about the intersection of environmental justice and women's empowerment. Her ideal weekend consists of yoga, riding her bike, and baking (and eating) vegan treats.

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